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                                Roasted sesame seeds

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                                Roasted hulled sesame seeds 1kg

                                Product Name: white sesame

                                Ingredients: high quality white sesame

                                Production process: Baking

                                Executive standard: Q / fxy0001s

                                Quality level: Level 1

                                Shelf life: 12 months

                                Product details


                                 Product Name

                                 Roasted/Toasted  Sesame Seeds


                                 100% pure sesame ,
                                 Free sample ,
                                 low price,
                                 good after-sale service,
                                 fast delivery,
                                 High quality


                                 White sesame  ,black sesame,dehulled sesame



                                 Shelf Life

                                 12 months

                                 Place of Origin

                                 Shandong, China

                                 Brand Name


                                 Implementation Standard


                                 Production License Number





                                 White sesame/black sesame

                                 Packing Detail

                                 100g/bag, 80bags/carton;
                                 200g/bag, 50bags/carton;
                                 500g/bottle, 20bags/carton,
                                 1000g/bag, 10bags/carton

                                 Packing type

                                 plastic barrel,
                                 plastic bag,

                                 Storage Condition

                                 Store in cool dry place
                                 Keep away from sunshine

                                 Minimum Order

                                 advise to order full container to save cost.


                                 Qingdao or China main port

                                 Delivery time

                                 2-10 working days